Condensation Control

Condensation Control with Polyurethane Insulation

Polyurethane insulation prevents condensation forming on cold surfaces

Condensation Control is required when condensation occurs due to warm air coming into contact with cold surfaces like tanks, pipes and concrete slabs and tin roofs.

When the surface temperature of a substrate is cold enough (below dew-point temperature) the air in contact with the surface can no longer hold its water vapour. The water vapour condenses out of the air and settles on the surface in the form of water droplets. In extreme cases, this can cause water droplets to ‘rain’ down on the area below.

This problem is easily stopped by using polyurethane sprayed foam insulation for condensation control.

Applying polyurethane insulation to the surface creates a seamless airtight barrier to stop moist warm air coming into contact with a cold surface. This eliminates the ability for condensation to form.

Polyurethane insulation is most effective for condensation control

We believe polyurethane is the best insulation material for condensation control because:

It forms a seamless airtight barrier on the substrate.
It is immune to damage from water and moisture.
It is more effective than any other commercially-available thermal insulation material (measured by R-value) against heat and cold.
It holds its shape and won’t deteriorate over time as other insulation materials do.

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External installation

We can apply polyurethane spray foam insulation to the outside surface of a roof quickly and efficiently. Once applied, we coat it with a protective acrylic membrane to shield it from UV rays.

Internal Installation

We can apply polyurethane foam insulation internally to the roof and walls of sheds and industrial buildings.

We apply it directly to the underside of roofs and the inside surface of the walls provided there is good access to these surfaces.

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