Spray or Pour Foam Insulation

Spray or Pour Foam Insulation for Marine Purposes

On-site application of polyurethane foam for insulation and buoyancy

Foamed Insulations offers on-site application of polyurethane foam for insulation and buoyancy in boats and other marine environments.

Spray foam is used to cover surfaces with insulation foam. The foam is highly adhesive and sets almost instantly. It is highly durable and won’t deteriorate over time.

Poured or injected foam is used to fill spaces and cavities. It is an excellent material for boat buoyancy.

We also offer block and sheet foam, DIY insulation foam kits and pontoon filling.

Superior buoyancy properties

Polyurethane is favoured by boat builders for its excellent buoyancy properties. 1 cubic metre of polyurethane foam (32kg/ m³ density) can support approximately 960kgs of dead weight in the water.

Boats fitted with good internal buoyancy have the ability to remain afloat, even when capsized or swamped with water. This increases the probability of a successful rescue should there be a disaster.

Polyurethane is also favoured for buoys, docks and flotation devices.

Suitable for marine environments

Polyurethane is especially suitable for marine environments.

  • It has a high strength to weight ratio
  • It is unaffected by water and moisture
  • It is resistant to gasoline and oil
  • It is highly adhesive
  • It offers superb thermal insulation qualities
  • It has good sound insulation properties
  • It is versatile and efficient to apply

DIY Spray Insulation

For those jobs that are too small to involve contract specialists, take insulation into your own hands.

Foamed Insulations provides a DIY solution in the form of a two component foam pressure pack, enabling you to insulate your home at your own convenience and pace. The foam material can be applied in multiple locations including under floors, attics, walls and smaller cracks and crevices that contribute to air leakages and energy waste.

The foam kits are portable, and offer a solution that is both cost effective and user friendly. The DIY foam spray insulation method requires minimal equipment and no experience.

The kits have a maximum yield of 18.6m² at 25mm thickness (0.465cbm). Extra nozzles are available in packs of 10 if required. These kits are complete with 3m Gun hose assembly, 5 cone-spray nozzles (purple), 5 fan-spray nozzles (yellow), spanner and instructions.Extra nozzles are available as well as replacement 3m Gun hose assemblies.

Speak to an experienced contractor

Foamed Insulations has been established in Australia and working with polyurethane foam for over 40 years. We have the expertise, due diligence processes, skills and proven methods you can trust to ensure your job is done to a high standard.

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Spray foam insulation provide a simple, relatively easy approach to wall and underfloor insulation in the home.