Underground Tank Abandonment

Underground Storage Tank (UST) In-Situ Abandonment

Ensure your disused Underground Storage Tanks are safe where they lie with our effective Tank Foam.

Our state-of-the-art foam is perfect for in-situ abandonment of all underground storage tanks. It can either be poured or injected into your onsite tanks with almost no disruption to your operations. Our team are highly skilled and experienced and will complete the job with great efficiency.
The benefits of using Tank Foam for UST in-situ abandonment are:

  • Inert plastic material that absorbs residual hydro-carbons
  • Reduced time and labour.
  • Does not disturb overlaying soil or structures.
  • Increased safety for workers and customers.
  • Permits easy and safe future UST removal.
  • Attendant piping may be left in place.

If you require in-situ abandonment of your Underground Storage Tanks contact our team on 02 9898 0751.