Roof Insulation

Commercial Under Roof
Insulation with Polyurethane Foam

High-performance under-roof

Uninsulated roofs are
the main source of heat loss and gain in a building.

Foamed Insulations can
install polyurethane sprayed foam insulation to the underside or topside
of any roof. This is a quick and effective means of providing effective
Unlike blanket and
foil types, polyurethane will not deteriorate over time. The foam can normally
be sprayed directly to the underside of existing foil faced insulation without the
need for prior removal. Sprayed foam insulation is an ideal method for
insulating both older style existing buildings and a premium option for new

We use polyurethane
spray foam for under roof insulation because:

  • It provides
    thermal insulation against heat and cold
    better than any other commercially-available material.

  • It holds
    form and won’t deteriorate over time
    and can be sprayed directly to the roof substrate.
  • It forms a
    tight seal against air flow and can
    also be used as a method for waterproofing older roofs

We believe there is no
better alternative insulation material to polyurethane foam.

Read more about why
polyurethane is the world’s most effective commercially-available insulation

Installed with
minimal disruption

We use polyurethane
spray foam
for roof insulation to ensure the installation is quick,
efficient and thorough.
Sprayed foam

sets almost instantly and can be sprayed to surfaces of any shape.

Call a professional
contractor you can trust

Foamed Insulations has
over 40 years’ experience in under roof insulation. Our team has the market-leading
expertise, due diligence process and proven insulation methods you can count

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Q: Can you tell me about Roof Insulation, how does that work? Does it fill up the whole roof?

Laurence: Typically roof insulation we’re talking about larger spans, metal roofs, or concrete slabs and these are, could be uninsulated, they could have old insulation or blanket type insulations and some wire mesh on the underside of them. So if you look up at an old factory roof that’s quite dilapidated there’s normally not a lot of insulation on the underside of those roofs.

So we’re able to spray that foam directly to the underside of the slab, or the roof and the beauty of that is you don’t need anything to hold the foam in place. It sticks directly to the surface you’re spraying and forms part of the structure.

So we’re able to insulate a roof either from the underside where we spray directly to the underside of the roof, but we’re also able to do a roof where we able to spray the foam on top of the roof to create a insulation layer on top of the roof. Which is obviously something you can do without interruption to the work flow inside the building.

Q: When you’re doing a typical roof insulation. I know the size can vary a lot according to different factories. but how many days does it take? Half a day, a two day process?

Laurence: Very tricky question to answer. Anywhere from a day to 10 days, 20 days, depending on the size of the project. There’s only a certain amount of materials you can spray or process in a day together with the masking and heating and all the other factors that go into a days work. It depends on the thickness you’re spraying as well. There’s no real number to put on that.

Q: And what sort of industry actually need roof insulation?

Laurence: Roof insulation isn’t really an industry factor. I guess anyone is hot or cold. And no matter what they’re doing inside that factory, would have a need for that.

I guess some of the industries that douse it primarily would be wineries where they’ve got sheds that are storing wines and they need those kept at a more consistent temperature. That’s a pretty common use for it. Chicken sheds would be one of the major uses for it in the old days. They needed to insulate the under side of the metal roof that the shed’s made of just to control the condensation from that high humidity that is generated inside.

We’ve done distribution were they’ve been storing chocolates and anywhere you just want to regulate the heat and eliminate high temperature spikes and obviously control the loss of heat as well.

Spray foam insulation allows us to insulate your roof spaces quickly, safely ensuring your home is well insulated for summer and winter.

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