Roof Insulation

Commercial Under Roof
Insulation with Polyurethane Foam

High-performance under-roof insulation

Uninsulated roofs are the main source of heat loss and gain in a building.

Foamed Insulations can install polyurethane sprayed foam insulation to the underside or topside of any roof. This is a quick and effective means of providing effective insulation.
Unlike blanket and foil types, polyurethane will not deteriorate over time. The foam can normally be sprayed directly to the underside of existing foil faced insulation without the need for prior removal. Sprayed foam insulation is an ideal method for insulating both older style existing buildings and a premium option for new constructions.

We use polyurethane spray foam for under roof insulation because:

  • It provides thermal insulation against heat and cold
    better than any other commercially-available material.
  • It holds form and won’t deteriorate over time
    and can be sprayed directly to the roof substrate.
  • It forms a tight seal against air flow and can
    also be used as a method for waterproofing older roofs

We believe there is no better alternative insulation material to polyurethane foam.

Read more about why polyurethane is the world’s most effective commercially-available insulation material.

Installed with minimal disruption

We use polyurethane spray foam for roof insulation to ensure the installation is quick, efficient and thorough. Sprayed foam insulation sets instantly and can be sprayed to surfaces of any shape.

Call a professional contractor you can trust

Foamed Insulations has over 40 years’ experience in under roof insulation. Our team has the market-leading expertise, due diligence process and proven insulation methods you can count on.

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Spray foam insulation allows us to insulate your roof spaces quickly, safely ensuring your home is well insulated for summer and winter.