UnderSlab Insulation

Underslab Insulation for Suspended Concrete Slabs

Insulating concrete slabs against heat loss and heat gain as well as condensation control.

Polyurethane foam insulation is the best option for underslab insulation for suspended concrete slabs.

The underside of suspended Concrete slabs need to be insulated for various reasons, mainly energy efficiency and condensation control.

Insulation beneath a conditioned space is now a mandatory requirement under Section J of the Building code of Australia. Many basement carparks are built below residential units or ‘conditioned spaces’. To maintain compliance with the BCA, these slabs need to be insulated. Sprayfoam applied to the soffit of the basement slab is an ideal way to insulate in these cases.

In cases where a cool room or cold case has been built on a suspended slab, insulating the underside of the slab is essential to prevent condensation from occurring on the underside of the slab. This is part of the standard specification for Coles, Woolworths and others. If the cool room floor is insulated and heater pads installed, spray foam is still often installed to guarantee the prevention of condensation should the heater pads fail.

The world’s most effective insulation

We believe polyurethane is the most effective insulation material for this purpose because:

It forms a seamless airtight barrier without thermal bridging.
It insulates against heat and cold better than any other commercially-available insulation material (measured by R-value).
It holds its shape and won’t deteriorate over time as other insulation materials do.

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