Truck Body Insulation

Polyurethane insulation for truck bodies

Insulation is essential for trucks transporting temperature sensitive goods

Good insulation is important for refrigerated trucks to be fuel-efficient, cost-efficient and reliable.

Good insulation is also essential for unrefrigerated trucks carrying goods and materials, which are sensitive to temperature fluctuations like flowers and chocolates. Polyurethane spray foam insulation is perfect for this purpose.

Protection against heat radiating down from the hot metal roof

The foam can be sprayed directly to the underside of the roof of either pantechs or taut liners. It greatly reduces the heat, which would normally radiate down from the hot metal roof. This protection is essential for trucks carrying flowers as it prevents them from wilting or scorching under the heat.

Protection against heat rising from road surfaces

The foam is also a valuable addition to the underside of the floor of the truck body, for both refrigerated and non-refrigerated trucks. It eliminates the heat load created by the heat rising from the road surface and improves the efficiency of the refrigeration plant.

Why we believe polyurethane foam insulation works best

Polyurethane foam insulation offers several key benefits when used to insulate truck bodies:

The most effective thermal insulation material

Polyurethane boasts the most effective thermal insulation properties of any commercially-available insulation material in the world.

It has the highest R-value, which means it has the lowest heat/cold transfer rate across each unit of thickness.

Read more about polyurethane’s market-leading effectiveness here.

Long-lasting durability

Choosing polyurethane means your investment will last. Unlike other types of insulation, polyurethane is immune to damage and deterioration from water.

It also holds its shape. It won’t pat down or sag, which means it maintains its effectiveness for many years after it is installed.

Quick installation

The polyurethane insulation installation process is quick, efficient and versatile. Polyurethane foam can be sprayed, poured or injected onto any surface or cavity.

Your insulation can be installed with minimal disruption and minimal vehicle downtime.

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