Shed Insulation

Polyurethane Insulation for Sheds, Warehouses and Agricultural Buildings

Polyurethane thermal insulation for all types of industrial buildings and sheds

Foamed Insulations can install high-performance polyurethane thermal insulation for all types and sizes of agricultural and industrial buildings:

  • Warehouses
  • Wine storage sheds
  • Chicken sheds
  • Piggeries
  • Barns and stables
  • Other agricultural buildings, workshops and sheds

Using the world’s most effective commercially-available insulation material

We believe polyurethane is the best insulation material to use because:

  • Its thermal insulation properties (R-value) are greater than any other commercially-available insulation material in the world.
  • It is immune to damage from water and moisture.
  • It forms a tight seal against water, air and pests, like insects.
  • It holds its shape and won’t deteriorate over time as other insulation materials do.

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Fast installation with little or no disruption

Efficient, cost-effective installation is one of the major advantages of sprayed polyurethane insulation.

The insulation can be installed on-site with little or no disruption to work.

We can install polyurethane insulation to the outside or inside of your building:

External installation

We can apply polyurethane spray foam insulation to the outside surface of a roof. Once applied, we coat it with a protective acrylic membrane to shield it from UV rays.

Internal Installation

We can apply polyurethane foam insulation internally to the roof and walls of sheds and industrial buildings.

We apply it directly to the underside of roofs and the inside surface of the walls provided there is good access to these surfaces.

Who we are

Foamed Insulations is a leading Australian insulation provider and on-site contractor with over 40 years’ experience in commercial, industrial and rural insulation. Servicing clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and most parts of rural Australia and New Zealand.
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