Marine Insulation Foam Services

Using polyurethane for buoyancy and insulation

Foamed Insulations offers both on-site application (sprayed or poured/injected) and in-factory production of polyurethane insulation and buoyancy foam.

Polyurethane foam is a favoured material for insulation and buoyancy in marine environments due to several excellent characteristics:

  • Excellent buoyancy properties
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Unaffected by water and moisture
  • Resistant to gasoline and oil
  • Good adhesive qualities
  • Versatile and efficient application
  • Unbeatable thermal insulation qualities
  • Good sound insulation properties

Spray or Pour Foam Insulation

We offer on-site application of sprayed and poured polyurethane foam for insulation and buoyancy.

Read more about our marine spray or pour foam insulation services.

Block and Sheet Foam Insulation

We provide polyurethane foam blocks and sheets for marine insulation and buoyancy.

Read more about our block and sheet foam insulation for marine purposes.

Flotation foam

We offer both factory-supplied and on-site application of polyurethane flotation foam. It offers excellent buoyancy properties and is highly-suited to marine environments.

Read more about our flotation foam.

DIY Insulation Kits

We provide DIY polyurethane foam kits to apply polyurethane foam to your boat or other marine structure without the cost of sending out a contractor.

Read more about our DIY insulation kits.

Pontoon Filling

We apply poured polyurethane foam for on-site pontoon filling.

Read more about our pontoon filling services.

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