DIY Spray Insulation Kit

DIY Spray Foam Insulation

For those jobs that are too small to involve contract specialists, take insulation into your own hands.

Foamed Insulations provides a DIY spray foam insulation solution in the form of a two component foam pressure pack, enabling you to insulate your home at your own convenience and pace. The foam material can be applied in multiple locations including under floors, attics, walls and smaller cracks and crevices that contribute to air leakages and energy waste.

The foam kits are portable, and offer a solution that is both cost effective and user friendly. The DIY spray foam insulation method requires minimal equipment and no experience.

The kits have a maximum yield of 18.6m² at 25mm thickness (0.465cbm).

Extra nozzles are available in packs of 8 if required. These kits are complete with 3m Gun hose assembly, 5 cone-spray nozzles (purple), 5 fan-spray nozzles (yellow), spanner and instructions.

Extra nozzles are available as well as replacement 3m Gun hose assemblies.

For more information, please call on 02 9898 0751 to take control of your insulation requirements today!