Spray Foam for shed

Spray foam for shed

Q: Hello, Can I insulate a Stratco H3 Metal Shed with your Spray Foam
Insulation Kit (DIY)? The shed is 3.3 metres x 3.3 metres square x 2.2
metres High & has a Gable Roof. Would the foam suit this shed and
what would be the cost of a Kit please? Thanks, Carl

A: Thanks for your enquiry. The foam would certainly be suitable for this application. The cost would depend on if you were insulating the walls and the roof and what thickness of insulation you required. Based on the dimensions you provided and assuming all at 25mm average thickness, you will need about 2 kits which will be $935.00 + GST including delivery to most metro areas.

The kits have a maximum yield of 18.6m² at 25mm thickness (0.465cbm). Extra nozzles are available in packs of 10 if required

Pricing for the units is based on the quantity required as follows:
1 off U-200FR spray kit @ $450.00/ea + GST
2 off U-200FR spray kits @ $425.00/ea + GST
3 or more U-200FR spray kits @ $400.00/ea + GST

These kits are complete with 3m Gun hose assembly, 5 cone-spray nozzles (purple), 5 fan-spray nozzles (yellow), spanner and instructions.

Please watch the video here (https://foamedinsulations.com.au/diy-spray-insulation-kit/) for detailed instructions.

Extra nozzles are available for $40.00/10pk + GST
Replacement 3m Gun hose assemblies are available for $190.00/ea + GST

Delivery to Metro areas is $85.00 + GST