Polyurethane Technical Info

Polyurethane is the world’s most effective commercially-available insulation material

What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a versatile plastic with unsurpassed insulation properties.

Unbeatable thermal insulation qualities

Polyurethane insulates against heat and cold better than any other insulation material available.

R-value is the figure used to measure thermal resistance in the building industry. It’s a measure of the rate of heat flow across the material in question.

Polyurethane has the highest R-value of any commercially-available insulation material. It keeps your building or contents warmer or cooler for longer.

Versatile and quick to install

Polyurethane can be cast or moulded into any shape. It can also be sprayed or poured to fill any cavity.

This makes installation quick, cost effective and minimally disruptive.

Holds its shape and does not deteriorate over time

Unlike other insulation materials, polyurethane won’t deteriorate over time. It forms a rigid shape, which won’t sag, buckle or pat down. These are all things, which are essential to effective insulation.

Immune against air, water and moisture

Water and moisture can seriously degrade the effectiveness of other types of insulation. Polyurethane is immune to water penetration and forms a seal against water and moisture when installed.

Polyurethane also forms a seamless barrier, which seals cracks and prevents loss of heat or cold to outside air. It also makes an excellent barrier to keep out pests and insects.

Excellent sound insulation

Polyurethane can reduce noise levels by up to 75%. You may be surprised how quiet your home or commercial building becomes once polyurethane insulation is installed.

How can Foamed Insulations help you?

Foamed Insulations offers both in-factory production and on-site installation of polyurethane insulation.

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